April Minutes

Wellsville Library Board Minutes

April 9, 2018




Board Members in Attendance


                Josh Myers---Vice President                           Betty Schipper

                            Tina Peery---Secretary                                     Curtis Peery

                     Becky Lewis                                                   Michelle Ebers

Jeana Houf--Library Director



The meeting was called to order by Josh Myers at 5:30 pm.  


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved with a motion by Betty Schipper and seconded by Curtis Peery.


The Treasurer's Report was read by Jeana Houf and showed

$27,119.28 in the checking account with a total of $40,052.28 in all accounts.  Betty made the motion to approve this report. Becky seconded and the motion passed.


The following list of members were asked to serve as officers for the upcoming year.  Betty made the motion which was seconded by Curtis for Page to serve as President, Josh--Vice President, Julie--Treasurer, and Tina--Secretary. The motion passed and this slate of officers were elected.


Jeana explained the budget for April 2018-March 2019.  Curtis made a motion to approve this budget and Betty seconded.  The motion passed. A copy of this budget is in the folder section of the Board Minutes. 

On April 29, there is a $6,000 CD that will mature.  Betty made the motion to roll it over and put the interest into the general fund.  Michelle seconded and the motion passed.

On March 20, 2018 Margaret Harrelson assisted Jeana with several aspects of the Quicken Computer Program in order to make it easier to use.

During the month of March there were 194 checkouts.

The library has received several book donations this month.

Jeana proctored several tests for Columbia College.

The Friends of the Library provided cookies for library patrons to enjoy during National Library Week in April.


Curtis made the motion to adjourn.  Betty seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 5:52 pm.