February Minutes

Wellsville Public Library

February 8, 2016-Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

                Terry Ettein, President                                                  Tricia Cullom

                Joyce Freyer, Vice President                                       Janice Maskey

                Julie Day, Treasurer                                                        Margaret Harrelson, Librarian

                Page Hardwick, Secretary


  • Suzanne Epsen was present at this meeting in order that we may all have the opportunity to say good bye to her since she is no longer on the board.

  • The meeting was called to order by President Terry at 5:35 PM.

  • The minutes from the January 11th, 2016 meeting were read by Page. Tricia moved to accept minutes as read, Joyce seconded the motion. The motion passed.

  • Julie Day read the Treasurer’s Report.  Margaret stated that the State grant deposited on

    1-25-16 and monies from the Friends of the Library will pay for supplies for the Summer Reading Program. Tricia stated that she feels that the board should move some of the library’s checking account balance to some other account(s) that belong to the library. There was much discussion about this issue with various suggestions such as calling the new account Capital Expenditures, or moving some money to the Summer Reading Program account, or moving money to the library’s CD. The board also discussed how we need to take in to consideration, when moving money, that our budget for the next fiscal year is going to be around $19000.00 to $20000.00 with not much, if any, income until the fall of this year; and, Margaret will budget $1300.00 for the Summer Reading Program 2016 which is $100.00 more than last year. Margaret and Clinetta plan to run the program in both June and July of this year. Another consideration is that A & E funds, which Margaret stated are $1200.00 a year, are used to purchase books. However, it costs $1.00 for supplies for each book to prepare it for the shelf. This $1.00 per book has been coming from Office Supplies. Margaret stated and the board agreed that this expense should come from the A & E funds instead because it is, accurately, part of the cost of each book. Therefore, Margaret will begin handling the book costs in this way starting with the new fiscal year on April 1st, 2016. As for moving money from the library checking account, Margaret will be researching when the library’s CD is to mature and what options the board has to choose from for the next CD such as rates, length of time, and which bank offers best options. Margaret will email out to the board what she discovers. The board will then be able to make our best decision on moving the money. Joyce made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and to pay the bills. Tricia seconded the motion. The motion passed.

  • Margaret read the Library Report. Again, the FOL-SRP $103.00 is for the Summer Reading Program. Margaret discussed how she has been trying to get the library’s Erate 471 approved. This is the rebate on the library’s land line. She had some problems with the website for this because of the way it was set up. She is waiting to hear back if the problem has been fixed so she may complete our Erate application. The federal government is phasing out help for land lines; ( They are phasing out land line support by 2018) Our contract with AT & T is good through next year. At that time, the board will then have to decide on the best options for this situation.


    Old Business:

  • Margaret and the board members are still in search of bids for the work that needs completed to the library which is the columns out front and some finishing work.  Margaret called Drake Construction/Jim Block three times, left messages and has not received a return call. Dustin Boyd has been called, and Margaret is awaiting a return call from him, as well. The person or company that bids must be insured, and Margaret stated, and the board agreed, that no construction work should be going on during the Summer Reading Program. The board decided to have Margaret run a classified ad in both the Optic News and Montgomery Standard for 2 weeks stating, basically, that the Wellsville Library is accepting bids to replace columns in front of library and to do some other finishing work. She will include that they must be insured.


    New Business:

  • In March, we will be appointing officers, voting on the budget for the new fiscal year, and voting on re-approving the library manual. The President of the board has a 2 year limit so Terry will be stepping down.

  • Consequently, the board discussed the following: By Missouri State law, the library has to have 9 board members. First and foremost, it is imperative that all members attend meetings on a regular basis. The board discusses many important issues, and then makes decisions on these issues. Likewise, there are times, like next month, when we are voting on 3 very important matters. Accordingly, it is best to have all board members present due to these facts. It is understandable when a board member has the rare occasion that occurs that causes that member to be unable to attend a meeting. However, missing meetings should not be the common routine. Additionally, next year we will be losing Tricia on our board because she will have served 9 years. Margaret has to verify the date; but, we might be losing Joyce at the same time next year, as well. Accompanying all this, the board, by law, must have 5 members present at a meeting to hold a meeting which, again, illustrates the importance of all board members attending meetings. The board hopes that all members will take this in to consideration; and, if there are any questions or issues with this, please discuss this with a board member or with Margaret. Thereupon, the board may discuss it at the next meeting.

  • Joyce made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Janice seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 6:24 PM.

  • The next Wellsville Library Board meeting will be March 14th at 5:30 PM.

                                                                                                -Submitted by Page Hardwick-Secretary