February Minutes

                                                       Wellsville Library Board Minutes

                                                           February 12, 2018

                                                    Board Members In Attendance


                       Page Hardwick---President                                     Keith Hardwick

                       Julie Day---Treasurer                                             Betty Schipper

                       Tina Peery---Secretary                                           Curtis Peery

                                                                                                Josh Meyer

                                                   Jeana Houf-Library Director

 The meeting was opened at 5:40pm by Page Hardwick.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read.

 The Treasurer's Report showed a total of $42,993.94.  Betty made a motion to pay all outstanding bills.  Tina seconded and the motion passed.

 Jeana reported that there were 175 check-outs during the month of January.  The Missouri Driver's Manual is now available on our Library web site.  It includes a sample driver's test.  Board members were able to view this following the meeting.

 June 30, 2018 will be the end of the availability of E-Rate which is used to pay for phone and internet.  Jeana stated that we would need to obtain bids for a new provider.  Vonage will allow the same phone number to be kept.

 Mid-West Heating has checked the furnace, installed a new filter, and a tube that will allow better access for any future repair work that may occur.

 The PAT program used the back room of the building for one of their programs and all went well.

 Jeana will be proctoring tests on computer for The University of Missouri during the upcoming month.

 National Library Week will be observed April 8-14 and Children's Book Week will be April 30-May 6.  Tina made a motion to allow Jeana to order posters for display for these events.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 Debbie Musselman, Missouri State Librarian will be visiting our library on February 27.

 Ed Murphy of Wellsville was the winner of the TV Drawing. The Library received $1029.00 from this event.

 Curtis made the motion to adjourn.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 Meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.