January Minutes


Wellsville Public Library-Meeting Minutes

January 9th, 2017

Members Present:                                                                 Tricia Cullom

            Karen Clemons, President                                          Janice Maskey

            Joyce Freyer, Vice President                                       Amanda McKnight

            Julie Day, Treasurer                                                    Betty Schipper

            Page Hardwick, Secretary                                          Keith Hardwick           


·         President Karen called the meeting to order at 5:37PM.

·         The minutes from the November 14th, 2016 meeting were read by Page. Janice made a motion to approve the minutes as read. Betty seconded the motion. The motion passed.

·         Julie read the Treasurer’s Report. Tricia made a motion to accept the report and pay the bills. Keith seconded the motion. The motion passed.

·         Karen had us look over the Librarian’s Report. The board had no questions.

·         Old Business:

·         Trivia Night- Trivia Night is February 25th, 2017 with no snow date. At the Lutheran Church Hall, the board will be able to use the projector and connect a computer to it.

- Chris Davis will still be available to donate his time to be the Auctioneer and MC for Trivia Night.

-Karen stated that she needs to find out if the Lutheran Church Hall has a microphone that can be used by us Trivia night. Karen will be making flyers soon and will make more raffle tickets.

-Joyce Freyer will ask about displaying TV in bank and take it there to display. She will also give the bank raffle tickets to sell.  She stated, too, that the Friends of the Library donated the total cost of the TV.

-Raffle Tickets were passed out to Board Members to sell. If a member sells tickets before the next meeting, bring in your ticket stubs and money to meeting to turn in. Otherwise, turn it in on Trivia Night.

-The Requesting donations for auction Sheet was passed out to each member in order to know who each one is to ask for donations.

-Copies of the letter to give to businesses or any donors for auction were passed out to members, as well.

 -Tricia stated that Terry Ettien almost has Trivia questions complete.

-Trivia Night still needs teams. The board needs to find people to be on teams. (See November meeting minutes for rules)

-Joyce stated that Gamma Road Nursing Home will have a team, and I believe, that Julie stated that Mr. Nasir will have a team.

·         - Our assigned jobs for Trivia Night:

            Julie, Karen, and Page will be Treasury. Keith will sell Raffle Tickets and 50/50.

Janice and Amanda will be Graders. I believe, Amanda will be creating a Power Point with Trivia questions and answers and will keep a running score to show on projector, too. Betty and Joyce will be runners. Chris Davis, MC, will go through the answers, as well. Tricia is not sure if she will have a Team or not.

-For the Mardi Gras Theme, someone needs to buy a variety of colors of tablecloths and a variety of centerpieces after next meeting; because, our members should know how many teams will be playing by then and which type of table will be used.

·         Keep looking for New Board Members. We still need to find 3 more people. 2 new people will need to start serving April 2017.

·         New Business

·         The board needs Margaret to take care of the advertising for Trivia Night. She should start ads when she returns.

·         The board decided to open doors for Trivia Night at 6PM and start Trivia at 6:30 PM.

·         Proxy bids will be accepted at the Library in a sealed envelope with name and phone number. This information is always stated in the advertisements.

·         Karen will be finding out if we may use round tables for Trivia Night at the hall instead of rectangular.

·         Joyce Freyer made a motion for the meeting to adjourn. Tricia seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 6:36PM.


·         The next Wellsville Library Board meeting will be February 13th, 2017 at 5:30PM