March Minutes

Wellsville Library Board Minutes

March 12, 2018




Board Members In Attendance


Page Hardwick---President                             Betty Schipper

Tina Peery---Secretary                                   Curtis Peery

Becky Lewis                                                  Josh Meyer

Jeana Houf--Library Director


The meeting was called to order at 5:34pm by Page Hardwick.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


The Treasurer's Report was given by Jeana and showed $27,939.20 in the checking account with a total of $40,793.91 in all accounts.

Tina made a motion to pay all outstanding bills and Curtis seconded Motion passed.


Jeana stated that there had been a total of 211 check-outs in the month of February.


It was reported that the visit by Missouri State Librarian Debbie Musselman  on February 27 was very positive.

She was impressed that we have an active Friends of The Library group.


Posters for National Library Week (April 8-14) and Children's Book Week(April 30-May 6) have arrived.


Jeana proctored several tests on computer for The University of Missouri.


 Rates from ATT for phone service are being sought.


In memory of Janis Anderton, The Friends of The Library presented a framed copy of a poem entitled "Memories On A Chain", that Jan had composed and read at a recent Friends meeting.  Jan was very active in many activities involving our library.


Betty nominated Josh Meyer to serve as vice-president of the Library Board.  Page seconded.  Josh was elected to serve in this capacity.  Page, Julie, and Tina will remain in their current positions.


The bill for the drainage pipe has been paid.


The Friends of the Library will provide cookies for the special Library Week celebrations in April.


Curtis moved to adjourn and Betty seconded.  Motion passed. Meeting closed at 5:51pm.