May Minutes

                                             Wellsville Library Board Minutes

                                                          May 14, 2018


                                              Board Members in Attendance


                            Page Hardwick-- President                   Betty Schipper

                            Julie Day--Treasurer                            Michelle Ebers                            

                             Tina Peery--Secretary                          Becky Lewis                             

                                                          Curtis Peery

                                                    Jeana Houf--Library Director



The meeting was called to order at 5:35pm by Page Hardwick.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved with a motion made by Betty Schipper and seconded by Michelle Ebers.

 Julie gave the Treasurer's Report which showed $25,689.73 in the checking account and a total of $38,605.18 in all accounts.  Betty made a motion to accept this report.  Curtis seconded.  Motion passed.  Betty made the motion for all bills to be paid for the months of June, July and August 2018.  Curtis seconded.  Motion passed.

 Jeana reported on current information she will be bringing up to date in the Library Manual.  These items include: 1.) Officers for 2018-2019.  2.) Length of new members terms.  3.) The policy that the Library Director's vacation days will begin one year after the starting date of service.  4.) An update on the history of the Library to the point of where Jeana began working in 2017.  Becky made the motion to accept these changes to the manual.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 The Annual Report to the City of Wellsville and the State of Missouri was presented by Jeana.  Michelle made the motion to approve this report.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 There were 103 check-outs and 2 new Library cards issued within the past month.  Jeana stated there is $95.13 in petty cash.

 The date for the Library Tax Rate Hearing will be Monday August 20, 2018 at 5:30pm.  Betty made the motion to approve this date.  Michelle seconded.  Motion passed.

 Friends of The Library have been doing some yard work on Library grounds.

 The Summer Reading Program for both children and adults is ready to go.

 Curtis made the motion to adjourn.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 Meeting adjourned at 5:55pm.