November Minutes

Wellsville Public Library-Meeting Minutes

November 14th, 2016

Members Present:                                                                 Tricia Cullom

            Karen Clemons, President                                          Janice Maskey

            Joyce Freyer, Vice President                                       Amanda McKnight

            Page Hardwick, Secretary                                          Keith Hardwick

                                                                                                Betty Schipper



·         President Karen called the meeting to order at 5:39PM.

·         The minutes from the October 17th, 2016 meeting were read by Page. Amanda made a motion to approve the amended minutes as read. Janice seconded the motion. The motion passed.

·         There was no Treasurer’s Report.

·         There was no Librarian’s Report.

·         Old Business:

·         Karen stated she does not know if we received the bill for the construction in the library, yet. The bill will be given to the Rotary club when received.

·         Trivia Night-Karen has the binder. Feb. 18th, 2017 is the first night of WMR1 high school basketball districts; and if our team performs like last year, we need to change the date.   The board discussed changing the date to Feb. 25th, 2017 with a snow date of March 4th, 2017. Joyce Freyer stated that she will ask Julie Blaue if the date changes will be acceptable. Betty Schipper made a motion to change Trivia Night to February 25th, 2017 with a snow date of March 4th, 2017 if available with the Lutheran church. Joyce seconded the motion. The motion passed. Betty Schipper will make sure that Chris Davis will still be available to donate his time to be the Auctioneer and MC for Trivia Night, and the possible snow date. Betty stated that Mr. Castle will donate a painting for the auction. Terry Ettien is handling trivia questions. The auction will be held throughout Trivia Night as, previously, decided. The Friends of The Library will donate $250.00 toward the purchase of a television for the raffle. If the cost goes over that, FOL will be paid back out of the raffle funds. The Smart TV, approximately 40” will be purchased online and shipped to the library. It will be displayed at the bank, like every trivia year, to help sell raffle tickets. The Lutheran church gave the board paperwork to complete in order to rent the hall. The paperwork was completed. Joyce made a motion to pay the $100 cost to the Lutheran Church along with returning the paperwork. Janice seconded the motion. The motion passed. Karen will be making up the flyers to advertise Trivia Night and will get copies or a copy to each board member so the board may hang them up at businesses and the like. Karen has drawn up a letter to give to donors. She will be revising and will be giving the board the new copy to utilize. Karen had a list of past donors, and the board decided who was going to be asking each business or person on the list for donations. Trivia Night needs teams. The cost is $10 per person-max 8 people to a team. No age limit. No minimum number of people on a team. Alcohol is allowed, but the patrons bring their own. The library board does not sell or provide alcoholic beverages. The theme will be Mardi Gras. I heard that the board will be using different colored tablecloths for decorations and, possibly, centerpieces for tables. Therefore, the board needs to make clear the decorations that are decided. The board still needs to assign sections for where each board member is working Trivia Night. Finally, I do not know if there has been a finalized decision on newspaper advertising or not.

·         Keep looking for New Board Members. We still need to find 3 more people. 2 new people will need to start serving April 2017.

·         New Business

·         Karen called Midwest Heating and Cooling about the furnace because no one was at the library that would let them in earlier today.

·         Due to our Librarian’s, Margaret Harrelson, family emergency, Tricia will speak with Clinetta and Jacque about the schedule that they are planning to work this week and Thanksgiving week. If they cannot work, the library will be closed. Per manual, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving are holidays and do not need to be voted on.

·         Holiday Hours: The library will be closed Christmas and December 26th. The library will be closed January 1st and 2nd.

·         Joyce asked for a motion to adjourn. Janice made that motion. Keith seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

·         The next Wellsville Library Board meeting will be January 9th, 2017 at 5:30PM