October minutes



Wellsville Public Library Board Meeting

   October 9, 2017



                                                                              Members Present:


Page Hardwick---President                              Betty Schipper

Joyce Fryer---Vice President                            Keith Hardwick

Tina Peery---Secretary                                    Curtis Peery

                               Jeana Houf--Library Director


The meeting was called to order at 5:38pm by Page Hardwick.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Jeana read the Treasurer's Report which showed $17,358.97 in the checking account and $44.46 in petty cash, leaving an overall balance of $30,065.01.  Tina made the motion to accept the Treasurer's Report. Joyce seconded and the report was approved.

Jeana stated that there had been 175 check-outs and 125 patron visits during the month of September 2017.

Discussion was held concerning the rate of pay for a substitute librarian which is $7.80 per hour.  Jeana presented the name of Deana Peak as a possible substitute librarian.  Joyce made the motion for Page to contact Deana about this position.  Keith seconded and the motion passed.

Curtis reported that the drainage pipe for the outside water problem has arrived and work on this is to begin soon.  The city will be sending us a bill for the cost of this pipe.

After much discussion on the Trivia Night money making project Tina made a motion to discontinue the event at this time.  Betty seconded and the motion passed.  Several possible ideas were mentioned that the Friends of the Library might wish to pursue as money makers.  Joyce will approach the Friends to see if they are interested in sponsoring any type of project and report back to this board.

Betty made the motion to adjourn.  Joyce seconded.  Motion passed.

The meeting adjourned at 6:14pm.

Tina Peery, Secretary