September Minutes

Wellsville Public Library Board Meeting

September 11, 2017

                                                 Members Present:

Page Hardwick---President                                      Betty Schipper

 Joyce Fryer---Vice President                                    Curtis Peery

 Julie Day---Treasurer                                              Keith Hardwick

 Tina Peery---Secretary                                         Amanda McKnight

                                   Jeana Houf--Library Director

  The meeting was called to order at 5:36pm by Page Hardwick.

 The minutes from the previous meeting were read and corrected.  Joyce made the motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion was seconded and approved.

Julie gave the Treasurer's Report which showed a balance of $34,507.75.  She then read the financial report ending August 31, 2017.  Betty made the motion to accept the Treasurer's Report.  Motion was seconded and approved.

Jeana reported that the state had approved the tax rate for $.2194 cents for the year 2017-18.

 She stated that there will be an increase of $27.00 for the card catalogue, a $20.00 increase for insurance, and that the cost of MORNET will also be increasing.

 Jeana stated that an additional substitute librarian is needed due to personal commitments of Clinetta and Jackie.

 Jeana has received a check from Janice Updyke Harman.  It will be used for the Summer Reading Program.

 The front windows were cleaned by Shepherd's Window Cleaning Company.

 Several light bulbs have been replaced in the interior of the library building.

 In new business, a discussion was held concerning hosting the Library Trivia Night money-making project.  Curtis made the motion to table making a final decision on this until the next meeting.  Betty seconded.  Motion passed.

 A letter was written stating that the names of the President of the Board, Page Hardwick and the Board Treasurer, Julie Day will appear on the checking account.  The names of the Treasurer, Julie Day and the Library Director, Jeana Houf will be on the safety deposit box.  Curtis made the motion to approve this letter.  Betty seconded. Motion passed.

This letter will be provided to the American Bank in Wellsville.

 Amanda announced that she needs to resign from her position on the Library Board.

The next meeting will be Monday October 9, 2017.

Joyce made the motion to adjourn.  Amanda seconded.  Motion passed.

Tina Peery,   Secretary