Support Your Library!

A few ways you can support your library-

Memorials- The Wellsville Library welcomes memorial monetary donations.  A personalized book plate will be placed in front of the material ordered.  Your donations are very much appreciated and a tremendous help in keeping our collection current and relevant.

Donations-  The Library readily accepts all monetary donations.  There is an ongoing need to keep our technology current and continue to add new selections to our collection. 

Book and material donations-  The Library accepts book and material donations following our policy which states that donated materials will be reviewed and added to our shelves if we currently do not have said material and it is in like new condition.  Because of limited space, not all materials may be added.  Those not used will be put in a book sale with proceeds to the library.

  Join the Friends of the Library organization.  This group supports the library year round with fundraisers and donations.  The Children's Library is their primary focus.  Volunteers donate their time for special projects.  For more information, see the Friends of the Library page.